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The Civil War Monument Area is a noted Landmark and is at the apex of Litchfield And Main Streets.  Just beyond is the House footprint area, where the original Coe Homestead once stood. of 2008, old Fashioned Ageratum offers the brilliance of its blue blooms to the pink "Felicity" Mums, caramel "Heucheras" and the deep rose of the "autumn joy" Sedums.
In the spring, this area is transformed into an oasis of purple "
Passionale" Tulips, the brilliant white of "ice follies" cupped Narcissi, and the soft whites and lavenders of "Monet" Pansies..
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                        The Splendor that is Coe Memorial Park
A Commemorative............from The Garden Goddess, LLC, Designer and Horticulturist for the Park,  2005- 2008
Thank You to the many citizens of Torrington that have enjoyed the fruits of mine and my employee's labors at Coe Memorial Park. The past three years has been an insightful experience in horticultural urbanization, painting a canvas of three-season color at the Park, and meeting and working as a team with so many devoted Torrington residents.  The Coe Memorial Park Sub-Committee deserves so much credit for their selfless good work on the behalf of the Community at large and as guardians of the Coe Family Trust Fund for over twelve years. This Sub-Committee includes Margaret Keywan, the diligent Secretary and recorder of facts, the Coe family representative, Susan Coe Holbrook, and dedicated team members, Frank Pennington, Mimi Zbell, Doc Temkin, and Frank Driscoll.  Elinor Carbone and Marie Soliani, I thank you for your eloquent presentation on October 6th,2008, and your votes in favor of a continuance of the Beauty and the Magic of the Gardens at Coe Memorial Park.  The Secretarial staff and Donna Winn at Torrington Parks & Recreation for their helpfulness and their joy, Thank You.

I would like to share the thought that if there is a legacy from the last three years it will be one of sharing in the enjoyment and bounty of flowering plants, and creating a renewed interest in organic gardening methodologies and Permaculture.  I so appreciated the interest in the Symposiums held this year and delighted in your delight.
Gwenythe b. Harvey, Horticulturist
The Garden Goddess, LLC
On either side of the "Boulder" garden is a hedge row with the finials clipped into hearts, symbolizing the "heart" of Torrington which is Coe Memorial Park.
The Litchfield Entry Gardens South are shown below.  In the Background scarlet "Singer" Dahlias planted amongst the lilium, which consist of white Casa Blanca and Stargazer varieties. These are fragrant and showy for  late spring and early summer color. They are underplanted with the white blooms of the  perennial obedient plant "Physostegia virginiana" also known as false dragonhead. In the foreground, Cool Cheryl Chrysanthemums complement the bright blue of the old-fashioned Ageratum houstonium "Blue Horizon". In the spring this area is covered with white and soft pink narcissus.
The "Alfred Grille" Dahlias complement the many caramel Heucheras planted in these gardens.
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A delightfully tranquil oasis of color, variety and changing seasonal displays, is a heaven of picturesque beauty in the hub of Torrington, Ct.
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NEW! Enjoy the Slide Show of the many spectacular Gardens at Coe Memorial Park.... Thirty-one completely organic formal beds are planted with interesting and newly introduced perennials and annuals, which are changed seasonally to display a variety of colors and textures. Sometimes subdued, sometimes exuberant, these seasonal display beds are an  artist's living  canvas of lush growth.  Do visit and enjoy the Beauty and the Tranquility that resides in Nature which is found in the 'Heart' of a small city in Connecticut called Torrington. 
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