Coe Memorial Park, Torrington, Ct. USA
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Today and Yesterday....
Image from a Postcard circa 1911 sent from Torrington, Ct. to a Mrs. E. Mackecknie in Rochester New York.  Kindly submitted by Mr. and Mrs. Donald Rhodes of Torrington, Ct.

<The Boulder upon which is placed the Memorial Plaque is shown in the background.
This was pulled to the site in 1908 by a team of tweny horses attached to a logging wagon.  The boulder weighs 15 tons.
Today and Yesterday
Greenhouse on site in the late 1800's
. The Coe Families were enthusastic Plant Collectors and employed a staff of Gardeners. They were responsible for introducing the first coloured waterlily into the United States from Paris.  The Greenhouse faced Litchfield St.
which was in what is now the Ivy Glen area pictured to the left, and where the present Community Center is located. 
<Today: The House Footprint Area
Yesterday: The Original Coe Homestead is shown below.  This mansion was dismantled according to the wishes of the Coe Family will. 

Coe Memorial Park was designed by James W. Scott in 1907-08. Scott is also responsible for Keney Park in Hartford.
    Another view of the Postcard image taken in 1911.  The Coe Property was gifted to the town by the Coe Family in 1906 as a memorial to their parents, Lyman Wetmore Coe, President of Coe Prass Company, and his wife, Eliza Seymour Coe, whose home had been on the property.  The donation was made with several stipulations, including that (1) a street, known as Elm St. near the rear of the property be removed and abandoned, (2) the Coe's home and outbuildings be removed: (3) Mrs. Coe's large Victorian Greenhouse, pictured below, be removed, and (4) a monument be erected acknowledging the gift and its benefactors. (the Boulder with the memorial plague)
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Torrington's original town common was in what is now a rural area off Union Drive: no evidence of it remains.  Today, Coe Memorial Park, located just south of the Naugatuck River, functions as the town green.
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