By working with the environment, coping with lack of top soil, and correcting past use of pesticides and various lawn chemicals, Award Winning Horticulturalist, Gwenythe b. Harvey and her firm The Garden Goddess, LLC have literally turned this Park around.  A successful formula of soil building,  establishing colorful growth patterns, and removal of dead or diseased plantings have resulted in dramatic changes to this magical "heaven" in the Heart of Torrington, Ct.  In 2006 Monarch butterflies, bees and Hummingbirds were attracted to the various plantings in the park.  During 2008 golden hued finches enjoyed the Gardens, their color and birdsong were wondrous.  David Austin "Blythe Spirit" roses are featured around the Patriot's Memorial and are also shown as links below.  All are a delightful attestment to a successful improvement of their environment.

Since the fall of 2005, and despite its location at the busy intersection of Main and Litchfield Streets, a collection of plants have evolved so varied that there is plenty to see and admire whatever the time of the year. Word of the glory of the spring spectacular of bulbs has spread, and now Coe Memorial Park's botanical gardens are attracting visitors who flock to witness the dream-like vision of peace, quiet and a three-season tapestry of vibrant and changing  color schemes.

The City of Torrington's Park & Recreation Dept. has planned a varied schedule of Park concerts and activities. Call Donna Winn, Rec. Dir. at 860-489-2274 for the Department Newsletter and news of future events.
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The Park Gardens have been separated into "rooms" each with their own themes and color schemes. 
Pictured above is part of the Ivy Glen area, which was also shown on the preceding page.  In the spring King Alfred Daffodils, Ice Folly Narcissus and Salmon Impression Tulips make a powerful statement in this area.
In late spring, the Hostas, white Bleeding Hearts, Royal Ferns and white Dianthus make their appearance.  In June the ivy begins to green up and the single petaled annual  Impatience are planted, creating a river of white petals.  In 2007 we added white Trillium, Virginia Bluebells, and Jack in the Pulpits and fernery to the bedding scheme.  The annual
Perillo Magilla adds its vibrant punch of brightness to the mix.

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The Main Street  Gardens were added in 2007.  This area adds much interest to the Main Street area and is located directly across from the entry and exits of a shopping area. The photographs above, to the side and below are a good example of the careful color coding for three-season colour.  The photograph above was taken in the autumn of 2008.  Note the Chlorophytum comosum vittatum which adds a striking foot note to the beds. In the spring many Germanica Lacy Snowflake add their brightness to the annuals, Verbena Corsage Peach and Rocket Bronze Snapdragons.
The Spring Scape is shown in the photograph below, Pink Impression, Holland's Glory and Professor DeMonsseri Tulips lend spring colour to the backdrop of Buxus hybrid 'Green Velvet'.  Periennal White Delight phlox subulata contrasts with the deep coloration of 'burgundy flame' pansies.
All the Garden Areas have a continuing show of varied color from April through to November.  This takes skill, enthusiasm and planning. The results are spectacular and  treasured by the citizens of Torringtons.  The Garden Goddess and her team of employees are very appreciative of all their wonderful comments. 
"Nothing Great was ever achieved without enthusiasm"  Ralph Waldo Emerson
On the right, the summer scape of the aforementioned snapdragons and verbena are complemented by the new chartreuse coleus 'limelight'.  Additional color and interest are thus added by their six to seven inch chartreuse foliage which gives this coleus a lush tropical appearance.

FALL Color
Spring Color
Summer Color
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Ivy Glen area October 2008
Spring Color